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Kombucha is a drink that is being heavily adopted by the nation. You’ll see it bottled and available in the fridges of many shops, cafes and restaurants and available to order as a takeaway tea too. For any Australian tea or coffee shop, café, restaurant or quick stop shop, the ability to offer kombucha tea is an option that will certainly appeal to the masses.
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The Best Kombucha Tea in Australia

However, a key reason why Australia businesses have held back is the cost of selling kombucha. Buying bottled versions of the tea or importing the herb can prove very expensive. In a time where profitability is being hit by so many different elements, the purchase cost of goods is not an area to take a hit.

Luckily, Teavision offer the ideal solution. As your supplier for wholesale kombucha tea, we can provide bulk tea of premium quality for affordable prices. With Teavision, buying in bulk means that you receive the same excellent product, every time, at a lower price, and we’re committed to ensuring that this is the reality for our customers. We utilise our buying power from working not just one kombucha tea supplier, but 15 different suppliers worldwide, to help Australian businesses and consumer save big when they buy from us. 

The Benefits of Kombucha Tea

It’s really no surprise that kombucha tea has become such a hit in Australia. It firmly deserves its reputation as THE healthy drink of the nation. Packed full of antioxidants, polyphenols and topped with a prebiotic effect, kombucha tea has an excellent effect on gut and digestive health.

It also offers excellent antibacterial properties, helps to eliminate harmful microorganisms and contains B vitamins, which help with immune system health. Most kombucha drinkers report that it keeps things moving gracefully digestive-wise and many also consider it helpful for weight management as its sweet taste helps to satisfy sugar cravings.

The important thing with kombucha is that it is made correctly. Kombucha is made by adding a scoby to a solution of sugar and tea. Over-fermentation or contamination of kombucha can reverse the health effects and contain higher alcohol content. When made professionally by experienced tea makers, on the other hand, kombucha can be virtually alcohol-free, a lot tastier and bursting with health benefits. A tea for scoby use is always best made by expert hands after all.

Bring The Benefits of Kombucha Tea To Your Customers

If you’re looking for ways to boost business, offering kombucha tea is a very clever option. You’ll increase revenue from existing customers and attract a new wave of kombucha enthusiasts to your business too. Now that you know where to get kombucha tea, in bulk, for affordable prices, what are you waiting for?

Order your bulk tea today from Teavision, Australia’s leading online supplier of high-quality tea. Remember, our range extends far beyond kombucha tea. We specialise in supplying a wide range of bulk loose tea, matcha powderJapanese green teabulk organic teawholesale bulk spicesbulk black teabulk green tea and custom tea blends

Think tea, think TeaVision – catering to all your tea needs.
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