Yerba Mate Tea

The first thing to explain about yerba mate tea is that it's not pronounced like one of Australia's favourite words: it's "matay." A French-style accent would make that clear but it is often overlooked, so here you go, just so you know. Ask for yerba matay. To add to the confusion, mate is from South America, which is mainly Spanish and Portuguese-speaking. It's big in Brazil and Argentina, where they drink it in bowls with a sort of thin tube like a straw through which you suck up the liquid and avoid the floating leaves.
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Yerba Mate Tea: It's Pronounced Matay, Australia

In a Buenos Aires home, you're likely to find big bags or boxes of mate, just like most Australian kitchens have boxes of Ginseng tea bags , because mate is not just for special occasions; it's their everyday tea and it could fulfil that role in this country too.

It's great: tasty, refreshing, satisfying. Not a million miles from green tea, but distinctly different. It is usually drunk just as it is, with sugar if you like, but no milk, lemon or other ill-informed additions. Mate doesn't need any of that.

Australians Love Yerba Mate Tea Also

Here's the thing - you love a good cup of coffee in the morning to give you that caffeine buzz to get you going, but you have been advised that drinking green tea is going to do you more good thanks to all the antioxidants it contains, so which drink do you choose?

The answer is: neither! Buy Yerba mate tea in Australia because it's reported to have the strength of coffee and the health benefits of green tea, so now you can get the advantages of both drinks in one cup.

How did Teavision Discover Yerba Mate?

The company was founded in 2014 by two blooming tea lovers, Lucas and Belinda, who had a global vision and scoured the planet for interesting tea online. With mate being so popular in its native continent, it was natural that Teavision should pick up on it and add it to the long list of specialities.

All our products are ACO-certified organic and USDA organic, sourced from ethical farms, and our workforce is multicultural and multigenerational. It's appropriate, then, that we should have a South American tea in addition to those from better-known tea-producing countries like India, China and Japan.

Queries and ordering - Where to Buy Yerba Mate

You can buy yerba mate from us. Just hit the shopping trolley icon. If you'd like to talk about it first - or anything else tea-related - you can use the online contact form or call us. Just remember: it's matay, mate.
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Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate

This delicious coffee alternative originates from Brazil but has become a household name around the world. Painstakingly hand-harvested by the industry’s most patient Yerba Mate growers, the leaves are cut, carried, and dried with great care and attention. From field to cup, Yerba Mate Tea has a long history as a “gift from the Gods,” bringing people together in various civilizations worldwide. Today, Yerba Mate Tea is still adored globally...

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