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Chamomile originates from ancient Egypt and it was first used to cure fever and for cosmetic purposes.  Egyptians used Chamomile to embalm decedents of Pharos; Romans used it as medication and Spaniards loved the look of the chamomile flower. Its uses have grown to become even more varied over the years and this herb is still tremendously popular all over the world.

If you’re looking for a company that will supply you with wholesale chamomile in Australia, we’ve got you covered.
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Looking for Wholesale Chamomile in Australia?

Do you need chamomile to add to your beauty products? Perhaps you want to blend some chamomile to make a custom blend of tea? Whatever your requirements, we can help as we specialise in providing our customers with wholesale chamomile that’s been directly imported from Egypt, Albania and Germany where it is harvested on sustainable farms. 

Our chamomile products are organically harvested and are of only the most premium quality. You can choose to order your chamomile in 1kg packs or even 40kg+ packs. Customers that order their chamomile herbs in bulk in around 100kg+ quantities can save BIG with our bulk prices.

The Many Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Skincare – Chamomile tea is used for skin irritations like eczema and regular consumption can reduce wrinkles and blemishes on the skin.

Anti-inflammatory – This herb has anti-inflammatory properties that assist in treating stomach and intestinal cramps as well as other stomach issues. The tea is also excellent for reducing bloating.

Improves sleep – Chamomile tea can give the body a very soothing effect and it has been known to improve sleep quality and to treat insomnia.

Reduce stress and anxiety – Chamomile tea is most commonly used to reduce stress levels and help those who suffer from anxiety.

Improves general health – The tea is superb for boosting your immune system, which improves your health and well-being in general. 

These are just a few of the many health benefits of adding chamomile herbs in a tea and it is clear to see why so many cosmetic and health companies choose to invest in this wonderful product.

We’re Australia’s Leading Wholesale Chamomile Supplier

 Teavision is Australia’s leading wholesale supplier of herbs and spices, including bulk chamomile as we import nothing but the best quality of produce in its most natural form. We also offer additional services like the following to help your company reach its full potential in terms of growth;

Freight management – Teavision will take care of all of the importation and freight management services for you and we will ensure that your herbs comply with the Australian MRL’s so you can operate perfectly legally.

Custom chamomile tea blends – If you want your chamomile tea made into a unique tea blend then we can assist with our custom blend services. That’s right; we can create custom chamomile tea that suits your exact requirement.

Teabag manufacturing – Chamomile tea blends can also be manufactured in tea bags to make it easier for you to use and distribute your product.

Custom packaging – Get your chamomile tea products packaged in high quality packaging that’s been personalised to you so you can distribute with ease.

For more information on Teavision’s quality chamomile products or other products and services, please contact us on 1300 729 617 or send your email to info@teavision.com.au.

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