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Discover Delicious, Ethically Harvested Dried Elderberries in Australia

Our dried elderberries are no exception. Versatile, delicious and carefully packed, we can't wait to see what you do with yours (follow us onInstagramandFacebook, and tag your elderberry creations).

Elderberries, the fruits of the elder tree, are seeing a surge in popularity, with many people latching onto their potential health properties and versatile capabilities. Bursting with vitamin C and anti-inflammatories, elderberries are a guilt-free fruit snack.

The flavour profile of elderberries is sweetness mixed with an appealing sour taste. For that reason, elderberries go extremely well with both sweet and savoury food and drink...and of course, they can form an incredibly aromatic sleep tea.

Different Uses for Dried Elderberries in Australia

Elderberries, due to their versatility, make ideal bulk orders. Here are some of our favourite uses for dried elderberries:

  • To create a relaxing wholesale tea that's rich in antioxidants, simply soak the berries in hot water.
  • Make elderberry syrup: a common cold relief. It's also possible to make a straightforward elderberry tincture by adding them to vodka, sealing and leaving for a prolonged period.
  • Get creative by adding elderberries to your baking. You can make healthy wholegrain elderberry muffins simply by combining all-purpose flour, chopped nuts, sugar and butter in a bowl and baking in an oven. For other sweet treats, add dried elderberries to jams or jellies, or even to smoothies. Flavours that go exceptionally well with elderberries include vanilla, coffee, stone fruits and blackberries.
  • In fact, why stop at baking? Add dried elderberries to sauces and marinades for unique and tart flavours. For something even more daring, why not infuse liqueurs? To make elderberry vodka, just add elderberries, lemon and sugar to a standard bottle of vodka and then leave for two months. An easy, delicious herbal tipple.
  • Rather than consumption, you can make stunning, aromatic potpourri with dried elderberries. Add to your potpourri blend for a simple and fragrant addition to your home.
  • Think even more outside the box - you can even make your own elderberry dyes, which produce a deep grey or purple colour.

What will you do with your elderberries? Let us know - we love hearing from customers.

Get Elderberries Delivered to You in Australia

Gettingdried elderberrydelivered wholesale has never been easier. We offer a reliable and tracked delivery service to anywhere in Australia. Our elderberries arrive in sealed, airtight packages, ready to be enjoyed.

We strive to ensure that you enjoy our products to their fullest extent, which is why we carefully check each order at our Melbourne warehouse before mailing it to you. When you buy from Teavision, you can rest assured that you're getting a premium product.

If you have any questions about our elderberries - perhaps you'd like to try a sample? - send us a message atinfo@teavision.com.au.
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Organic Elderberries Whole

Organic Elderberries Whole

Elderberry has earned a prime spot in history, spoken of in ancient writings by healers like Hippocrates. Native Americans are also known to have used Elderberry flowers to make tea, not to mention the Egyptians who turned to Elderberry to improve skin conditions and heal scars and burns. Today, Elderberry is harvested once the berry clusters are ripe. The flowers are normally picked during late spring or early summer, boiled...

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