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If you’re looking to buy Assam tea in bulk, then good for you. We don’t blame you. We love it too. But if you have, then you’ve probably spent a lot of the time googling the phrases ‘bulk Assam tea’ and ‘Assam tea wholesale’ along with a million and one other related phrases. When we started Teavision, we wanted to make larger quantities of tea available for everyone, not just the bigger businesses owned by multi-million dollar corporations with hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend.

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What is Assam Tea?

If you’re looking to purchase wholesale Assam tea. then it is probably best that you know what the product is that you’re actually investing your money into.

First and foremost, the tea gets its name from the region in which it originated. The black tea was named after the region of ‘Aassam’ in India, which happens to be the largest tea growing region in the world. The tea is known for having a full bodied, incredibly intense, malty taste. The deep, dark, rich colour of this particular black tea comes from the oxidisation process that results in far darker leaves than usual.

If you’ve had English breakfast tea, Irish breakfast tea, or pretty much anything labelled with ‘breakfast tea’ before now, then you have more than likely already sampled Assam tea.

What Are The Benefits of Assam tea?

There are several benefits to drinking Assam tea that drinking other types of tea wouldn’t afford you, such as:

A Boost of Energy First Thing in the Morning Without the Need to Drink Coffee.

For those of us who aren’t huge fans of coffee, especially first thing in the morning, Assam tea is a great solution. It provides a feeling of mental alertness that most people don’t, or wont, or couldn’t get without otherwise drinking coffee. Assam provides all the benefits of your morning coffee, without the bitter taste, and the bitter drain on your wallet.

The Leaf:Water Ratio is Easy to Remember

Unlike other loose leaf teas, the leaf to water ratio is one which is incredibly easy to remember.  It has a 1:2 leaf to water ratio, which means that you need one part leaves, to two parts boiling water. There is no faffing around with measurements, be they millilitres, or half or whole teaspoon measurements. 

If you’re looking for more information on the benefits of Assam tea, or any of the teas available on our website, there is plenty of information available to you on the product page. We are also able to answer your questions via the enquiry form on our website. Submit your query and a member of our team will get back to you within a matter of hours. You can also choose to receive an answer directly to you e-mail by sending your questions to us at info@teavision.com.au. Finally, if you would like a more direct response, you can give us a call at 1300 729 617.

Order your bulk tea today from Teavision, Australia’s leading online supplier of high-quality tea. Remember, our range extends far beyond assam tea. We specialise in supplying a wide range of bulk loose tea, chinese teajapanese matcha teaprobiotic teawhite teabulk black tea and oolong tea

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