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Pu-Erh Tea

If you provide tea to customers at your business, Pu erh tea is sure to be popular. It's been produced in China for thousands of years and is prepared using a complex series of steps.
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Are You Looking to Buy Pu-erh Tea in Australia?

This foolproof system produces a tea in Australia with a moderate caffeine level so it's great for alertness. It's packed with antioxidants which may help fight inflammation in the body. It also may reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Once your customers get a taste of Pu erh tea in Australia, they're sure to be back.

Gut Health in a Tasty Beverage

The gut is now referred to as the second brain. The nervous system in this area uses cells and chemicals in the same way. Digesting and sending signals to your brain if something goes wrong is hard work so we need to put thought into looking after our guts. One of the best ways to do this is to eat and drink fermented foods. That's because this way of preserving keeps the nutritional value high and introduces probiotics. These are live bacteria that keep your gut microbiome healthy and aid in the digestion of food. As we provide ripe Pu erh tea bags to Australia, it's gone through fermentation so it's a great choice for gut health. It's also delicious, with an earthy nutty flavour so you don't have to sacrifice great tastes in your quest for good health.

Trust Teavision, Australia's Leading Pu Erh Tea Importer

When you need teas, herbs & spices, or natural sweeteners for your business why not get them from us? Teavision offer organic products from our ethical farm suppliers at incredible bulk prices. We're all passionate about healthy lifestyles and we prove this by investing in community projects that promote our values. See why we're a multi award-winning white tea company today by contacting us on 1300 729 617 or info@teavision.com.au.
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