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Teavision offers it's customers a unique bulk import service that is proven to save your business money. 

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The Best Tea Importers in Australia

Tea is one of the healthiest and best-loved drinks in the world. Unlike other beverages, tea is full of health-boosting properties and there are so many ways that different teas can be blended to create unique types of teas that aren’t widely available.

Teavision is one of the most trusted tea importers in Australia and we give businesses access to a huge variety of wonderful tasting and healthy teas from all over the world.

We enable our customers to buy their favourite blends of tea in bulk so that they can save time and money by not having to settle with whatever teas are available from their local stores.  

Looking for a reliable Tea Importer in Australia?

If you’re looking for the best tea importers in Australia, you certainly won’t be disappointed by the products and service you receive from Teavision. Our award winning company has been a leading importer of quality tea in Australia for many years and we provide you with nothing but the best no matter how small or large your company’s tea requirements may be. 

Our awar winning business is here to serve you whether you are in the hospitality or food service industry or want to distribute health and quality teas to the public. Teavision clients enjoy all of the following benefits;

  • Access to a huge variety of high-quality fresh teas from over 10 different countries .
  • BIG savings on bulk tea orders of 100kg+
  • Access to highly trained professionals including tea masters and naturopath.
  • Access to various health promoting and incredibly rare speciality teas from private farms
  • The freshest ingredients with the highest health standards available
  • Tea products that are Australian organically certified
  • The choice of having your teas manufactured in tea bags for easy serving
  • Our customers can even get their teas packaged in personalised packaging complete with their very own private label design.

We’re Australia’s leading importer of Quality Tea

Teavision is Australia’s leading importer of quality tea. We don’t just give you access to the best product and widest variety, we also make it incredibly easy for businesses to invest in teas because we offer additional services like the following;

  • Importation services where we take care of all of the arrangements delivered to your door
  • Freight management which includes frequent updates on the exact whereabouts of your products
  • Private label packaging solutions tailored to your exact needs so your teas won’t have to undergo processing before you can use or distribute the tea
  • Bulk import services guaranteed to save you money on your tea products
  • Custom tea blending where you can mix and match any type of tea ingredients to create a completely unique flavour experience.
  • Free samples can also be sent to you before you order so you can experiment with flavours and get a good taste of what our quality teas are like

For more information on our amazing tea varieties or to learn more about our bulk import solutions please give Teavision a call on 1300 729 617 or send your email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Contact Australia's Leading Wholesale Tea Supplier Today!

Teavision is not only Australia's best tea company, but also the leading wholesale tea supplier. We specialise bulk loose tea, matcha powder, Japanese green tea, bulk organic tea, wholesale bulk spices, bulk black tea, bulk green tea and custom tea blends. We also offer a wide range of tea packaging services.
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  • Gain a competitive edge on your competition by maximising your profit margin.
  • No More: Supplier issues, lengthy negotiations, bad products, fake documents, poor quality packing or damaged goods. 


Why Choose Teavision To Manage Your Imports?

  1. If you require 100kg+ of any tea, herb or spice product, then our team will find you the best possible price from our range of 1500 different products, and will manage the full importation of goods - delivered to your door!
  2. Partnered with highly experienced professional freight import companies who know how to deliver. 
  3. Receive a dedicated account manager who will manage, track and update you on all your orders from anywhere in the world.
  4. Freight Insurance on all products - Just in case the unexpected happens, you're covered.
  5. Receive FREE samples of products before you buy 
  6. Receive all required documents for your products - Further details below.
  7. Trusted Australian owned and operated business operating in over 10 countries.
  8. Global supply chain network - spanning all over the globe. 

Chat To Our Import Team

  1. Send our import team an email with your requirements -
  2. Receive a tailored quote for your specific needs. 
  3. Receive samples for your testing purposes.
  4. Send our staff a purchase order
  5. Receive an invoice 
  6. Import commences with regular updates (Freight lead times range from 2-8 weeks)

Documentation Details (Organic and Conventional)

  • Certified organic ingredients will be issued with an organic certification and transaction certificate. 
  • Conventional ingredients will include a CoA (Certificate Of Analysis) to ensure that the product complies with Australian MRL's.
  • Other documents that can be provided include: Phytosanitary certificate, certificate of origin, inspection certificate (AKA Transaction Certificate).

Product Packaging & Labelling Details

  • Teavision will ensure that all products are labelled with the correct product name, batch or lot numbers, expiry dates and best before. 
  • Teavision uses a combination of fumigated pallets, plastic pallets, cardboard  cartons, drums and vacuum sealed bags, depending on the type of ingredients being imported.
  • If you have any special requirements please contact our import team to discuss.


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