Wholesale Bulk Iced Tea Blends

Tea drinking is huge in Australia, but so too is the consumption of cold, refreshing beverages. Bring them both together however and you’ve got the delicious beverage that is iced tea! Iced tea doesn’t need to be heavenly sweetened, and the less you sweeten it, the greater the health benefits. Iced tea keeps you hydrated and develops the same blast of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals as the hot version of the blend.
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Hydrate With Wholesale Iced Tea from Teavision

Iced tea is the healthy alternative to sugary, fizzy drinks. Right across Australia, people are making the switch to healthier alternatives in terms of food and drinks and this is one straight swap we are truly on board with. Now with Teavision, you can easily buy all your favourite iced tea blends online and have them delivered anywhere in Australia.

Making The Perfect Iced Tea

If you want to make a delicious iced tea, it’s important to remember that it needs to be brewed stronger than hot tea as the ice will counteract the strength of the flavours. Start by brewing one-quarter of a glass of cold, filtered water for every 6 bags/teaspoons of loose iced tea blend used. Once the water has boiled, pour it directly over the tea bags or leaves.

Typically green iced teas are left to steep 3 minutes while black teas are left to steep by 5 minutes, before being strained and adding ice. Add slices of lemons, limes or oranges as garnishes, to add a balance of flavour and to balance PH levels, so the drinks appear clearer. Then, you’re all ready to serve your refreshing iced tea drink!

Buy Ice Tea Blends in Bulk From Australia’s Leading Supplier

If you’ve bought into iced teas and want to be able to make up servings daily in your home, or if you have a business and want to extend your product line to offer quality iced teas to your customers, we’ve got the solution. We offer a number of bulk iced tea blends, readily available for you to order online or by phone at great prices you won’t find elsewhere.

We work with a network of 15 different tea suppliers across 10 countries to source high-quality teas at affordable prices. That buying power enables us to pass amazing discounts onto you, our customers. We make it easy for you to buy wholesale iced tea blends from an Australia based company, with fast turnaround on all deliveries and orders delivered direct to your door.

Get in Touch About Our Wholesale Iced Tea Today!

Remember at Teavision, our great range of products extends far beyond iced tea blends. We are your complete supplier of teas, herbs and spices, offering bulk loose tea, matcha powder, Japanese green teabulk organic tea, wholesale bulk spices, bulk black tea, bulk green tea and custom tea blends.

Got a question about our products, need to place a large order or request a specific product? Feel free to contact the Teavision team today by giving us a call on 1300 729 617 or sending an email to
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