Black Tea Extract Powder Australia

Black tea is the perfect beverage for those that love a stronger flavour than what can be found in other teas. This type of tea is more oxidised than other teas and is made from the Camellia Sinensis plant from. Regular black tea drinkers enjoy plenty of incredible benefits and getting your fill of black tea is now easier than ever before with black tea extract powder.
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Black Tea Extract Powder Australia

Black tea extract powder is processed from pure black tea and contains concentrated levels of polyphenols. The main difference between the extract powder and traditional dried leaves and stems is that the extract powder can be used as an instant tea or in a chai base. There is no need for filtering your tea and you get much more nutritional value from the extract.

Black tea extract powder can be used in health products, tea drinks, ice creams, bread and baked goods, healthcare products, cosmetics and much more. The powder is incredibly diverse and incredibly beneficial.

Here are a few health benefits of this wonderful tea;

  • Contains caffeine, which boosts mental alertness throughout the day
  • Reduces the risk of hardening arteries
  • Lowers blood pressure after eating
  • Reduces the chances of kidney stones by 8%
  • Reduces the chances of heart attacks as well as the chances of dying after heart attacks
  • Assists in brittle bones
  • Reduces the chances of ovarian cancer
  • Reduces the risk and symptoms of Parkinson's disease

Looking for Black Tea Extract Powder in Australia?

Are you looking for a reliable black tea extract powder supplier in Australia that offers affordable prices and a top quality service? If so, Teavision has the perfect solution for you.

Teavision can import high quality extract powder and deliver directly to your door. We supply premium extract with 30% Polyphenols and those who choose us as their supplier can enjoy BIG discounts on bulk orders.

You can order anything from 25kg to 5,000kg of black tea powder from Teavision and we will get your order shipped directly to your door anywhere in Australia.

We're Australia's Leading Black Tea Extract Powder Supplier

Teavision is Australia's leading black tea extract powder supplier We offer a wide range of services that makes it incredibly easy for businesses to get their hands on the finest quality black tea.

Our black tea extract is incredible for personal consumption as is the case with hospitality and food or beverage service industries or you can invest in our black tea extract powder for personal distribution for your company or for your health business.

Here are a few examples of the services that we offer;

Importation services: We will take care of the importation of your black tea powder for you.

Freight management: Teavision takes full control of freight management of your products and we even include freight insurance so your investment will be perfectly safe.

Documentation: Teavision is organic certified and can supply you with all of the documentation you might need such as organic product certification, product origin certification and much more

Teabag manufacturing: If you are planning on manufacturing tea from the black tea extract then we can help We can assist in custom blend teas and can even get your custom tea blends manufactured in high-quality tea bags for easy use.

Private packaging: Our private packaging solutions are incredible for companies who want to promote their own brand or for those business owners who want to distribute this product directly to the market. You can get your extract powder packaged and branded professionally exactly the way you need it with Teavision.

For more information on our high-quality black tea extract or to find out more about our additional services, please give us a call on 1300 729 617 or send an email to

Contact Australia's Leading Wholesale Black Tea Extract Supplier Today!

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