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Organic rooibos tea is mostly preferred for its taste as it's smooth and has a beautiful flavour. The tea is delightfully refreshing and contains no caffeine, which makes it an ideal choice for those that are looking for a healthy alternative to regular tea and coffee. Rooibos tea can be consumed as a hot beverage but it is mostly served as ice tea across the globe.
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The Benefits of Organic Rooibos Tea

If you like the taste of rooibos tea and you drink it regularly, you can receive the following health benefits;

Very nutritious: Rooibos tea has amazing nutritional value, as it is rich in iron, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc, magnesium, alpha hydroxyl acid and more. The nutritional value of organic rooibos tea is the number one reason why it's so widely consumed.

Anti-inflammatory: Polyphenols found in rooibos has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are ideal for reducing pains and aches in the body and for improving health in general.

Caffeine free: The taste is so refreshing and yet it contains no caffeine, which makes it a perfect beverage to have at night.

Assists in numerous medical conditions: Rooibos tea can assist with many medical conditions such as colic, diabetes and different kinds of allergies. It"s also amazing for those who are looking to improve heart health, strengthen their bones, and prevent kidney stones. Rooibos tea is also an ideal beverage for those that are looking for a great tasting beverage that promotes healthy skin.

Looking for Organic Rooibos Tea in Australia?

If you're looking for a Rooibos tea wholesale supplier that will give you the best possible products at the most affordable prices, we've got you covered. Our team of certified tea masters and herbalists will ensure that your entire Rooibos wholesale process from purchasing right through to distribution will go off without a hitch.

We do this by providing the following services;

Bulk supplies: You can order in bulks of 100kg+ and save up to 60% on this wonderful product when you order from us.

Freight services: We will take care of all of the international shipping arrangements and freight services for you and you will receive frequent updates on the exact whereabouts of your order. We also have freight insurance on all shipments so you don't have to worry if something goes wrong.

Quality organic tea: Our teas are organic certified and we ship directly from South Africa so you will get the freshest and highest quality tea possible.

Free samples: If you want to taste our Rooibos tea before making an order, just let us know and we will get a sample to you.

Teabag manufacturing: Teavision can get your Rooibos bagged and ready for use so you can enjoy or distribute this beverage with ease.

Custom packaging: We can also get your tea and teabags packaged in the packaging of your preference complete with your private label design and information. This service makes it incredibly easy for you to distribute directly to your target market without having to worry about the normal nuisances that come with product distribution.

We're Australia's Leading Wholesale Rooibos Tea Supplier

Teavision is Australia's leading Rooibos supplier and we'd love to have the opportunity to help you grow your business. We work with all kinds of customers from those in the hospitality and food service industry to beverage companies and health centres etc. so get in touch with us today if you've any questions.

Please give us a call on 1300 729 617 or send your email to info@teavision.com.au.

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