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Consolidated Purchase Order Plan

Save Big and Stress Less 

Teavision Purchase Plan - Bulk Tea and Herbs Supply Australia 

What is a consolidated purchase order plan?

The consolidated purchase order plan allows businesses to purchase their favourite tea blends or herbs & spices at heavily discounted prices with monthly deliveries and monthly invoicing. It's the best of both worlds. 


Who does this purchase order plan apply to?

Any business that is purchasing around 250kg+ a year on any one product should consider this plan to make significant savings. 


How does it work?

  1. Calculate your annualised volumes for each product and create a purchase forecast for your business. (We usually use the previous years sales data + any new projections)
  2. Send your annualised products forecast to info@teavision.com.au for review and bulk discount quoting. 
  3. Raise a purchase order for your annualised product volumes. 
  4. Receive monthly deliveries and monthly invoicing with bulk discounts. 


Meet Jess - A customer who saved thousands.

Jess was purchasing around 50kg of organic english breakfast tea every month and paying around $30/kg. This worked out to be around 600kg a year and a total cost of around $16,200 just for one product - that is until Teavision stepped in. Teavision offered Jess a price of $19.50/kg to supply 50kg a month under a 12 month purchase order agreement which gets invoiced monthly. This resulted in a total saving of $6,300 per annum for just one product.


Jess has since added 6 additional products to her 12 month purchase order plan saving her a whopping $27,300 per annum PLUS Jess was recently approved for 14 day credit terms which has significantly reduced her cash flow problems, allowing her business to scale and make more profit.


Need help or have further questions?

Contact our team at info@teavision.com.au or call 1300 729 617 and ask to speak to our sales team for further assistance.