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Tea Supplier to New Zealand

Wholesale Tea Supplier to New Zealand

Any business that recognises that the cost of their tea acquisition is consistently high will quickly start to look at options to reduce this expense. If tea is one of the products that your business provides daily, or if you regularly buy it with a view to customers, clients or even staff enjoying it, then it is not only important to find a supplier that can make it affordable, but consistently achieve the quality that you expect.

Wholesale Tea Supplier NZ Businesses Can Depend On

There are plenty of different tea suppliers that offer NZ businesses products at extremely low prices. However, if you are taking the first steps toward a bulk order today, then you must do a little digging and find out exactly who you are buying from. The truth of the matter is that many suppliers will have limited sources and, therefore, provide little variety and perhaps even a low standard.

Here at Teavision, we have earned a reputation for excellence as a result of our strict adherence to the highest standards. We have built an enviable network of suppliers that span the globe. This means that you can tap into a world of variety that is certain to meet both your budgetary goals and taste expectations. We specialise in bulk orders and offer a wide range of packaging services too.

With regards to the range of teas, you can expect to find here, these include but are by no means limited to the following:

How to Create a Unique Tea Blend of Your Own

As the wholesale tea supplier that many NZ businesses turn to every year, we appreciate that in some instances products that are readily available are not quite enough to satisfy your needs. Plenty of our customers love the fact that our team of tea specialists are open to working with them on their very own recipe.

At Teavision, our team engage and discuss your recipe and come up with a suitable quote before they proceed to create a custom blend that will set your business apart from all others. If you are passionate about achieving something different that will have your customers talking and coming back for more, then we are the ideal people to speak to when the time comes to make this dream a reality.

We have created award-winning tea blends before and we would enjoy nothing more than to work on a new blend that could achieve the same status. Our team has won Gold at the Golden Leaf Awards and so you will have an experienced, knowledgeable and creative team working to achieve the blend that you hope to serve to your customers.

Our Customers Depend on Us for These Reasons

Quality is of paramount importance here at Teavision. We know that an attractive price tag can appeal, but we also know that what is saved on the balance sheet can often end up costing more in the long run. Customers expect a standard that is consistent and rewards their loyalty. As such, securing a bulk tea supplier for your NZ business that makes this possible, without breaking the bank is essential.

Nothing is shipped until our highly trained tea experts have vetted it. Our excellent reputation is something that we protect at all costs and our commitment in this regard affords our clients peace of mind and assurances that they are in good hands.