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Chocolate, vitamins and minerals all in one cup? Count us in! Cacao husks (also known as cacao shells) are set to be big news in Australia and we’re bringing in a new shipment direct from Peru. Here’s what you need to know about using and marketing this amazing natural product.



Firstly, what are cacao husks?
They might look a little like bark, but cacao husks are close to the heart of one of the world’s favourite foods. While the interior nibs of the cacao fruit are roasted and made into cocoa and chocolate, the outside of the fruit has traditionally been overlooked as a by-product. However, the secret is out that these roasted husks make an incredible cup of chocolate tea that’s packed with organic nutrients and flavour.
What does cacao husk tea taste like?
Cacao husks impart a robust cocoa scent that’ll be quite evident as soon as you open the product. The brewed tea itself has an earthy chocolate aroma not unlike quality dark chocolate. It’s decadent yet light, making it an ideal all-day and guilt-free option for your customers.
The smarter chocolate treat
Many of us love hot chocolate, but it tends to be heavy in either sugar or artificial sweeteners. What’s amazing about a cup of cacao husk tea is that it contains no sugar, no dairy, no gluten and next to no calories. It’s paleo friendly, keto friendly, and an ideal alternative for diabetics, so even people on a strict meal plan can indulge in a rich chocolate hit.
It has all the good stuff
In testing, cacao husk tea has been found to contain:
  • About 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries (keeping those free radicals at bay)
  • Iron (important for energy and oxygen levels in the body)
  • Potassium (excellent for hydration and kidney function)
  • Copper (for healthy heart, nerves, immune system and tissue production)
  • Vitamins including C and E (who doesn’t love a natural multivitamin?)
  • Fibre (for a happy gut), and
  • Magnesium (great for heart, muscle and nerve health).
This all means cacao husk tea is very easy to love – and also easy to promote!
A smoother buzz
Another thing to love about cacao husk tea is that it won’t leave you with a caffeine buzz or sugar high. Instead, you’ll get a lovely slow release of endorphins thanks to theobromine – a natural stimulant found in chocolate that can provide both circulatory and respiratory benefits. Savour a cup of cacao husk tea at breakfast, for dessert or in the middle of the afternoon and enjoy a gentle boost to your day.
How do I brew a tea using cacao husks?
You can steep cacao husks as you would with any loose-leaf tea. Simply add 2-3 small teaspoons of the husks into a cup or pot with freshly boiled water and steep for five minutes or more. Unlike other teas which can become bitter with oversteeping, the flavour of cacao tea only gets better and more intense as it sits.
You can also steep a strong cacao tea and chill it ahead of time to make a refreshing chocolate iced drink, either with or without milk. This makes cacao husk tea an easy, appealing and low-fuss addition to any café menu.
Can you make tea blends with cacao husks?  
Absolutely – just think about what works well with chocolate! For example, cacao tea is delicious when paired with options like peppermint, coconut, orange, berries, rose petals, black tea and chai spices. Cacao husks open up a world of ideas for unique custom blends.


Teavision has a fresh shipment of ACO certified organic cacao husks arriving soon from Peru. These will be available in sizes of 10kg and up from January 2019, and are sure to be snapped up quickly. If you’re keen to offer your customers something new, get in touch with the team.


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