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Powerful Ways to Start Selling Tea Online

Powerful Ways to Start Selling Tea Online

If you are a tea lover and want to turn this passion into an online business, it is essential to have a solid understanding of how it works.

Starting a tea business can be a tremendous entrepreneurial dream. It may sound easy at first, but for you to be successful, you need to have a plan. Here is how to get started:



Work for purpose

Before you begin with your tea store, you need to think about your purpose. Selling a product or proving services is what you're doing, but the real question is WHY are you doing it? This will be your story and form part of your journey.


Setting Up an Online Store

Your website will be your storefront, so it is crucial that it must attract customers and that it encourages a sweat-free and pleasant shopping experience. It is best to use basic fonts and limited media, as you would want each page to load fast and be readable, especially if you're running SEO.

Once you have set up your website and it is running, you can start adding content immediately. For instance, you can create useful tea-themed blog posts to help build your audience and spread brand awareness. Then, verify your product pages, feature clear photos and add brief and honest descriptions.

Establish an efficient payment method that will fit most of your consumers and choose secure payment channels.

When using SEO and Google Adwords, make sure your website has been tuned by a professional and that your content is relevant to help you rank!


Online Shops:

We recommend using Shopify or Word Press. They are easy to use and rank well with SEO (search engine optimisation = google ranking)


Find Your Customers - Do REAL market research

When selling online, you must understand your audience because knowing your customer base will help you communicate effectively with them. It also enables you to focus on your business as you develop and package your product.

To be successful in the tea business, identify your target market and choose a tea niche. Always offer the best product, find attractive packaging, and have exceptional customer service. In any decision you make, always remember the target market. 

You will need money to market your products and to build up your customer base. It may take you 12 months or longer but once you find the right combination of product, customer base, pricing structure and logistics then you can pretty much go all in. 

Credit Capital business loan consultant, Alistaire Clare, suggests,” Be authentic because several brands attract loyal customers by being focused rather than attempting to appeal to everyone. Significantly, the only way to stand out is to do a better job of serving a particular type of tea to customers.”

Create or obtain a product that gives the customer a remarkable experience, distinct from what they have had before. Build a story around your brand that echoes with your ideal customer.


Develop the Merchandise (Know your customer)

The most important part is creating a product that your customers will love. Invest in high-quality ingredients and equipment, undergo training and seminars, expand your knowledge, and experiment until you come up with the best result.

Remember that if your merchandise is top-quality, the customers will automatically become your marketers. On their own, they’ll talk about your tea and may even recommend it to other people.

With regards to any potential product idea, you must assess demand and prospect. There are lots of niches within the tea industry, so you must decide whether you want to sell famous brands of tea or you may want to develop your own brand.


Buy Directly from Wholesalers

You can contact tea leaf suppliers promptly, and they will send tea products at your doorstep. Consider the products that will best suit your business and your clients before placing an order.

To find suppliers, you can search for ones in your area or ones that are in the place where you want to source tea. It is the simplest way to get a broad idea of both local and internationally based suppliers.

When choosing your supplier, ask what they can do to support your business. Selling you tea is great for them, but supporting your journey and providing guidance is critical since they have likely been int he game for a long time. Learn about the industry, attend events and conferences, take notes, research your competitors, get feedback and make the right changes.


Here are some more practical tips on starting an online tea business:

  • Avoid getting low-quality products by asking the supplier for samples first. Most suppliers will provide FREE samples.
  • Reduce packaging and packing cost by sourcing from reputable packaging companies in China or partner with a local contract packer.
  • Reduce storage cost by outsourcing it to a 3PL provider and consider drop shipping.
  • Reduce freight costs by establishing an account with an international courier that has competitive pricing, e.g. TNT, Sendle and Transdirect.
  • Eliminate health risks by requesting an allergen declaration and CoA (certificate of analysis) from the supplier. These are assurances that the product complies with your country’s health standards.
  • Study how your product should be labelled.
  • Reduce your expenses and cash flow pressure by buying in bulk and requesting for monthly deliveries.
  • Find key call outs that your customers will appreciate (Hand crafted in Australia, Organic, Award Winning, Fresh, Fair Trade, Pesticide Free, Allergen Free, Gluten Free, Authentic, Original, Ethical, Eco)



With the option to sell tea products online, your dream can turn into a reality with just little startup costs. There is plenty of room in the market for you and many overseas companies love Australian made products.

There are lots of reasons to be enthusiastic about tea and its various flavours and effects. So, if you are considering turning that passion for tea into a business, contact Teavision.

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