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5 Customers You Never Thought You Had

5 Customers You Never Thought You Had

If you’re a cafe owner, have you ever thought about going wholesale? You can do more with your products and make use of your brand.

Are you an online herbal tea company? Going wholesale gives you more room for imagination when it comes to creating a product or working with other businesses.

We conducted a little experiment — we walked down a busy street in the city of Melbourne to get ideas for businesses we thought we could sell tea to. Of course, we sell to cafes, small businesses, retail brands, and hotel chains — but who else can make use of wholesale tea?

We encourage you to try this exercise as we walk past opportunity every day. This is a great chance to unlock that creative box in your brain and explore more possibilities for you and your business.

Here are five customers you never thought you had.

A beauty shop

As we walked down the busy street, we saw a local beauty shop selling all sorts of wellness and hygienic products. We thought about tea’s antioxidant and aromatic properties and how it can be infused into the production of beauty products.

A local beauty shop owner might use our tea as an ingredient to create a wealth of products including shampoo and conditioner, tea sugar scrub, bar soap, or aromatherapy candles. For instance, if a beauty shop business is in the market for making DIY soap, tea can perfume the soap using a range of flavours including hibiscus flower or lavender flowers.

The bigger opportunity may be to convince the shop owners that functional or herbal loose leaf teas and tea bags may better align with their existing customer base. If we ask what their customers enjoy and most of them want to unwind, relax and look and feel great, then we might suggest cleanse and detox teas as well as relax and rejuvenate teas. In addition to using some ingredients in their products, they're also now wholesaling our products to their overseas clients and re-branding everything under their name. There is plenty of room for activities with tea in the beauty business! 

A bakery

Have you ever thought about infusing tea into pastries or bread? Yum, we can smell the delicious scents already. We walked past a bakery and thought of all the recipes one could make with tea as an ingredient. Earl Grey shortbread cookies would make a great treat during Christmas time.

But wait, what is the best method to extract the tea flavour when baking? We remembered that the secret to baking with tea is to make a tea-infused butter! With this, the possibilities are endless to bake with Assam or matcha. Such as this black tea cake or these matcha cake rolls. This is a great idea for cafe owners looking to get creative with their wholesale tea.

A florist 

We walked past a florist and thought about how we can improve their business. We had the idea to create floral loose leaf blends to complement the range of plants and flowers. It might also be a good idea to add as gift sets with a flower and tea combo. Gardeners can also use tea leaves as mulch. Adding tea leaves to the soil around plants and trees creates good bacteria for the soil and roots.

A skin clinic

We stopped in front of a skin clinic and had a hard think about this one. How can we sell wholesale tea to a skin clinic? Perhaps fitting out the shop with functional teas while patients are waiting? Or we can also provide skin nourishing and hydration type blends for post-treatment.

Skin clinics who offer bath and foot soak can do so using tea bombs. Plus, they can put loose leaf tea products on shelves that offer glowing skin and detox properties. 

A chocolate shop 

We walked past a chocolate shop and our head was exploding with ideas. We can create blends with our cocoa husks with mint, orange, and rose combinations. Plus, offer custom-made caramel and chocolate chai blends for them to sell in the store. 


How to Sell Your Product?

So what is the best way to sell into these businesses? Going in person during periods that are not busy. Pre-arrange a free tea tasting and pre-make most of the blends as your customer may not have the equipment. Bring along some of your best teas and discuss their benefits with your targeted client. Teach your potential client about the teas and the brewing process so that they have the confidence to sell the product, especially once they've tasted it. This method has a very high success rate. 

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